4 Ways to Protect Your Water Heater From the Cold This Winter

The best water heaters are designed to deliver hot water to any faucet, tap, or water-using appliance in your home. Imagine getting ready for a shower, and instead of soothing hot water, ice-cold water comes out. If your water-line freezes, this will generally be your outcome. So how can you prevent shivering in the shower during winter? Here, we’ll explore steps you can take to prevent your water heater from freezing.

Standing water can collect inside of your water heater and freeze. Once the water freezes, ice forms and damages internal plastic components. Prevent this by draining the unit and isolating the water to the heater, using the valves located on the hot and cold lines.

You need to keep your water heater plugged in to ensure its freeze protection system operates. For areas that experience frequent power outages, consider a battery backup for emergency solutions.

If you live in a colder climate, installing a recirculation system is something to consider. During the winter, this system will keep the plumbing system in your home warm which will reduce the risk of freezing.

Insulating your tankless water heater can prevent freezing from within the unit. The most vulnerable spaces tend to be attic and crawl spaces. Use fiberglass insulation or polyethylene wrap for the best results.

By keeping your water heater warm, you can guarantee your unit will stay freeze-free this winter. Don’t skim through these steps, make sure to utilize all of these methods to protect your tankless water heater.

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