How to Prep Your Pipes So That Your Home Stays Leak-Free All Winter

It’s been a long, hot Alabama summer. It’s almost hard to imagine temperatures will ever go below 85º again, but they will, and you need to be preparing your pipes for winter. The best way to prevent frozen pipes is to keep them warm enough that their temperature stays above the freezing point. Read on to learn more about preventive measures you need to keep your plumbing leak-free this winter.

Living in a Warm Climate Puts Your Pipes at Risk

If you’re from the South or a warm location, you may think your pipes are safe. There is a common misconception that frozen pipes are only an issue for homes in colder climates. However, homes that are more vulnerable to frozen pipes are those located in warmer climates because the pipes may not be insulated properly, or they might be located outdoors, which puts them at risk.

Turn On The Heat

If you’re going to leave your house for a long period, make sure to turn the heat up a bit. Turning on the heat is a great way to prevent pipes from freezing and costing you megabucks. The good news is, the heat doesn’t have to be on very high––anything above 50º will work.

Leave Your Cabinets Open

Since most pipes are located inside of cabinets, leaving your cabinet doors open is a great way to get heat to the pipes. It’s also a good idea to keep any interior doors open, so that heat can travel throughout the house easier. \

Let the Faucet Drip

Allowing the faucet to drip relieves pressure on your pipes and thus keeps the pipe from bursting. If your faucet is fed by both cold and hot water pipes, make sure to open both faucet taps slightly and run warm water.

Add Extra-Insulation

If your pipes are located in your basement or attic, they might lack proper insulation. To fix this, make sure you fit your pipes with fiberglass or foam rubber sleeves.

D&N Plumbing Is Here to Brace the Winter With You

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