My Baby Flushed A Toy Down The Toilet! What Do I Do Now?

Raising a child can be an incredibly rewarding experience. At times, it can also be an incredibly testing one, especially when your little one gets to an age where they begin to take an interest in everything around them.

You might be surprised to learn that kids flushing toys down the toilet is an incredibly common occurrence – and thankfully, we’re on hand to deliver some advice that can help you to retrieve a toy from a watery grave in your toilet. Here’s what you need to do:

Remove most of the water from the bowl

On the assumption that the water is clean, you can easily scoop it out with a container or disposable cup. Empty milk cartons, jars or coffee cans are ideal for this purpose. You should leave just enough water in the bottom of the bowl to cover a plunger.

If you can see the toy in the drain, reach for it

If you’re lucky enough to still see the toy at the bottom of the toilet (perhaps it is stuck in the U-bend and hasn’t made its way fully towards the drain yet), get your arm in there are grab it out if you are able to. Simply grasp onto whatever part of the toy you can and pull!

Go fishing

If the toy is visible but you can’t get a grip of it with your hands (if it is made out of slippery plastic, for example, you may want to try “fishing” it out with a hooked implement such as a coat hanger. You should use even and slow motions to retrieve the toy. This could take several attempts and could be frustrating, but don’t lose hope. You might even want to consider making a slipknot with a piece of string and attempting to “lasso” the toy to freedom.

Resort to the plunger

If the toy is not visible, or you’re otherwise struggling to physically remove it, you may want to reach for your trusty plunger. A few thrusts should be enough to dislodge the clog and either send it towards the drain, or back towards you. Remember to avoid excessive force, as you could damage your toilet bowl.

Use a de-clogging solution

If the toy has become tangled in toilet tissue, this could cause a blockage that prevents the flow of water. Dissolving tissue and other debris with a de-clogger could help the toy to move through the drain and into the sewage system.

If you use a chemical de-clogger and it doesn’t work, and you then find yourself contacting a plumber, you should inform them of the chemical product you have used. This will allow your plumber to wear adequate PPE (personal protective equipment) to avoid chemical burns or reactions.

Call in the professionals

If you’re struggling to retrieve the toy yourself, or if you’re worried that you may end up damaging your toilet or drainage system in the process of doing so, take a deep breath and call a professional plumber. Plumbers deal with blockages of all types daily, and a toy down the toilet is nothing new to them. With a plumber, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that your system will be cleared in a safe and efficient manner, allowing you to return to normality – or as close to it as you can with a toddler!

Make sure to contact the expert plumbers at D&N Plumbing and Gas to help make sure your toilet or draining system goes undamaged!

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