Wait…Can Snakes Really Come Up a Toilet Pipe?

A lot of strange things can end up in your toilet. In fact, you probably gave no thought to it until you read this article. It’s true, we often flush things we should and shouldn’t down our toilets. And sometimes we find things we shouldn’t in our toilets; like snakes. This would ring true for Isac McFadden, a boy from Texas who was surprised to open the toilet lid and find a coiled up rattlesnake waiting for him. But how does this odd occurrence happen? And are you at risk for the same scenario? Probably not. But we’ll elaborate on how to prevent a harrowing tale like this from happening in your bathroom.

Ventilation pipes (the one on your roof) are the entrance snakes find to end up in your toilet bowl. If you’re worried about finding a reptilian creature staring at you before you take your morning commode meeting, make sure you cover your ventilation pipe. Snakes can slither up anything that will lead them to the roof, such as a tree. If you have any trees over your roof, there’s a chance a snake will greet you in the bathroom, though highly unlikely.

It’s a simple fix. Find a way to cover the ventilation while still leaving it to do the job it’s intended. A great solution to this would be to install a roof vent hood. Roof vent hoods will protect the venting and keep out rats, frogs, and mice, and you guessed it––snakes.

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