Why You Should Hire a Licensed Plumber to Install Gas Piping

Are you considering having a new gas line installed but you’re not sure of who to call? Are you thinking about just doing it yourself? Drop the wrench, pick up your phone and call your local licensed plumber! Here are some reasons why you should hire a licensed plumber.

The only person who needs to be installing a gas line is a licensed plumber, because they’re equipped with the training and licensing to do so. Improper setup, rusting pipes, or the wrong materials could all lead to a leak or an explosion. To keep your family safe, make sure all pipes are inspected and up to code.

When you hire a plumber with experience you hire someone who knows local building codes, correct pipe fittings, and how much BTUs (British Thermal Units) your natural gas lines can handle. A master plumber will also know how to extend piping to add a natural gas line to replace your electric oven, or even switch out your electric furnace for a gas-powered furnace.

Though you should hire a plumber to help with your natural gas project, you should only hire a master plumber. That’s why our team is perfect for your natural gas needs. Consider hiring D&N for your next plumbing project!

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